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We see metal differently.

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A person in protective gear is working with molten metal in an industrial setting, with intense heat and light visible around the machinery.

Meet Metallus.

New name. New look. Same high-quality, high-performance metals. For over a century, customers across the industrial, automotive, aerospace & defense, and energy markets have counted on our clean steel for their complex applications. We’re building on that legacy as we evolve into Metallus – and we’re excited to continue innovating alongside our customers. Together, we’ll explore new possibilities for metal and see what else it can do.

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Your Project. Our Products.

Every project has a big picture and countless details. At Metallus, we see it all, and find the best way for our products to elevate our customers’ projects. Our legacy and industry expertise create lasting partnerships with our customers.

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Our Approach

Our customers are at the core of everything we do, and finding the right solution for every project is our specialty. We harness the enduring power of metal by recognizing its longevity and leveraging that lifecycle to create our special bar quality (SBQ), seamless mechanical tubing (SMT), and other steel products. The expertise of our team members and the investments we make in our assets help us customize and deliver products that meet the most stringent market applications. At our facilities across the U.S. and Mexico, we take pride in manufacturing applications that are strong, sustainable, and cast to last.

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Our Markets

Our metal solutions are found in applications across the industrial, automotive, aerospace & defense, and energy markets. Our special bar quality steel (SBQ) and seamless mechanical tubing (SMT) can be customized to meet any market’s specifications, and our strong, clean steel increases product lifecycle and enhances performance. From automotive bearings that must withstand power transfer to mining machinery parts that come in contact with tough materials and conditions, our steel is the preferred option.
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Industrial customers need the various size offerings of special bar quality steel and seamless mechanical tubing that Metallus provides. Our production process, finishing options, and metallurgical solutions allow for made-to-order specifications that can meet the diverse needs of our customers in the off-highway, rail, marine, mining, and other industrial markets. In addition, customers choose our steel to optimize lifecycle for critical applications in heavy machinery.

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For over 100 years, Metallus has engineered steel for the automotive industry and remains a core steel supplier for power transfer applications today. Our customers count on the material strength, power density, and cleanliness of our steel for critical components inside light vehicles, medium- and heavy-duty trucks, electric vehicles, and motor sports.

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A military fighter jet is parked on the tarmac during sunset, with another aircraft in the background under a warm, golden sky.

Aerospace & Defense

Metallus proudly supplies quality alloy steel products in the munitions, aircraft, and ground vehicle markets. In these markets, reliability is critical, requirements must be met with precision, and response time to sensitive orders is imperative. Our legacy of contributing to the defense market includes supplying steel to the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Air Force Research Lab.

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An offshore oil platform stands in the sea during sunset, with extensive infrastructure, multiple levels, and a connecting bridge against a vibrant sky.


Frontline companies trust Metallus to engineer solutions to the world’s most demanding energy applications. Our team of experts stays ahead of evolving standards in onshore and offshore drilling applications, and collaborates on cutting-edge research for renewable energy markets.

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When a product depends on the strength, durability, and reliable performance of its components, customers turn to Metallus. We produce high-quality steel and steel components that are clean, tough, and tailored to customers’ specifications. Whether special bar quality (SBQ) steel or seamless mechanical tubing (SMT), we offer over 500 grades and have the capability to apply multiple thermal treatment options. We also produce our steels to American Iron and Steel Institute standards and utilize our precision cutting and ring gear machining as part of our manufactured components product offering. Consistent with our commitment to lasting partnerships, our customer service team provides supply chain management, program management, and full order lifecycle support to ensure that we exceed customers’ expectations every time.

  • SBQ Steel Bars and Billets

  • Seamless Mechanical Tubing

  • Manufactured Components

Advancing the Circular Economy


When we see metal, we look beyond the piece and product. We see a full lifecycle. Within our steelmaking process, as well as within our facilities, we seek ways to mitigate our impact on the environment and advance our contribution to the circular economy. Sustainability is more than a corporate responsibility; it’s embedded in our vision to harness the enduring power of metal to make the world a better place.

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Practical Data for Metallurgists

Learn from our industry-leading metallurgists in the reference book that has been the industry standard for more than 70 years.